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Bring on the Ambassadors! Turkey Hill Ambassador Team is looking for passionate fans that will promote Turkey Hill products through sampling parties and social media posts. Turkey Hill will provide you with the essentials (branded swag, product certificates, and more), they just ask you to do what comes naturally … to share your enthusiasm for TurkeyHill and their products. How awesome!

For a chance to become a Turkey Hill Ambassador by joining them as an InsideScooper, please complete and submit the form. And to better your chances of becoming an Ambassador, sign up for the Nation, too (if you are not already)! They will select ambassadors every so often throughout the year, so if you do not get selected right away … don’t fret! They will hold onto your submission for other ambassador opportunities in the future.


Wanna be a Turkey Hill an Ambassador and win some TurkeyHill Swag, ice cream, and other goodies to help you throw an epic ice cream party? Enter for a chance to be selected as a brand ambassador. I would love this, we love turkeyhill, it is so awesome and so many great flavors. TurkeyHill is awesome such great products!!! I would love to be an ambassador to tell everyone about it.

Turkey Hill makes the best Cookies and Cream Ice cream on the market! I would like to get picked! Thanks so much for this wonderful and amazing opportunity! I’m so excited! I love the wholesomeness and quality of the Turkey Hill brand! Excellent Quality with Top-notch quality, Innovative and delicious flavors. Magic by the spoonful.


Everyone deserves some amazing tasting magical full spoons of yummy in their lives. Try some! There’s plenty to choose from! All of their products are awesome, but if you have never tried their ice cream then you need to immediately go out and try a flavor. You’re gonna LOVE this stuff!  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed lol! Hope I win! Good luck everyone! Hope that some of you grab this  Turkey Hill Pack.

You must be at least 13+ to apply for the Turkey Hill Testing panel. If you are 18 or younger, they provide you will a parental consent form to be completed.


The Turkey Hill Dairy was founded in 1931 in Manor Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. One morning more than 75 years ago, Armor Frey placed some bottles of milk from his dairy on TurkeyHill into the backseat of his touring sedan and set off to sell them to his neighbors. It was the Great Depression and every penny helped. Slowly, Armor’s route grew, until one day his “extra milk” business became his only business. Today the “little” dairy on Turkey Hill sells its milk, drinks, and ice cream in all parts of the United States, making it one of the country’s leading producers of dairy products and refreshing drinks.

Only the best ingredients. The way they were taught. In Lancaster County, their families teach them early on about the importance of selecting the best ingredients for their food. At Turkey Hill, they do just that. They select only the finest ingredients for their frozen desserts and refreshing cold drinks. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is a great offer from Turkey Hill! Right now, they are currently looking for new applicants, to apply to be a Turkey Hill Brand Ambassador. Once you apply, if you are selected you will get free branded swag, product certificates, and more, and they just ask you to do what comes naturally … to share your enthusiasm for TurkeyHill and their products. Follow this link and submit with your information to grab your kit and become an Ambassador.

For more information, you can check their facebook page here.

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