Pack Your Diaper Bag Giveaway

Win any diaper bag of your choice from Freshly Picked’s collection, and fill it with all of your favorite diaper bag essentials! Just enter the Pack Your Diaper Bag Giveaway to win it. Pack clothing essentials that are both functional and sustainable, bibs and self-feeding utensils to keep your baby clean during mealtime, a bottle warmer that’s is both portable and easy to use, diapers that are both super soft and biodegradable, a multi-use nursing covers that can be used for a car seat or cart cover, and more. (Total Value: $1,554).

  • Diaper Bag of your choice from Freshly Picked (up to $199 value).
  • $250 credit to BapronBaby.
  • $250 credit to ezpz.
  • $200 credit to The Baby’s Brew.
  • $200 credit to Goumikids.
  • $100 credit to Offspring.
  • 3 multi-use nursing covers from Covered Goods ($105 value).
  • Two Pairs of Jeans and Tee from BLANQI (up to $250 value).
  • Sponsored in Part by Romper.




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