Every day, companies give away free items. They do it for goodwill and to promote their products. USA Companies giveaway samples and freebies as part of their advertising campaign. Its their way of attracting new customers to buy their products in the future.


What we do is list their freebies on this website, so all you need to do is fill in your details on their freebie order form.

This gives us all a chance to try out new products and to make more informed decisions about what we buy.

We also get to save some money and be in the chance to win amazing prizes.

This is why we want to share the freebies that we find with everyone.

We believe that getting a free treat, being able to enjoy discounts, saving money, and winning amazing prizes is a great mission.


You could describe yummyfreebies.com as being an awesome tool, that helps you find all of the latest and greatest freebies, free stuff, coupons, sweepstakes, and deals all in one site.

The Yummy Freebies Team will be the first to welcome you to the website.

yummyfreebies.com is one of the oldest freebies sites on the internet. We put the www.yammyfreebies.com website (our old Blog) together in August of 2014. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most reliable and most updated money-saving blogs on the net!

We have recently launched a new and improved website which is yummyfreebies.com and we believe that this is currently the best way we can share the freebies and competitions we find with our fellow Yummy Freebies.

It is updated seven days a week with the latest free samples, freebies, free stuff, and free competitions.

We spend all day looking for new freebies.

We are not like other freebie sites we only list real freebies, that are from well-known companies in all the World and especially in the USA.

We often get asked if this is for real. See our Freebie Photos page for proof of freebies our visitors and club members have received.

So take your time to look around my website and get to know it a little.

There are a couple of features and functions of my website that you might want to know about:

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If you need to contact me for any reason, including typos, bugs, advertising, freebies, coupons, or deals that you would like to share, or for any other reason, you can do so here.

I love hearing from you guys! We will always strive to find the best free stuff available so that you can enjoy them. Enjoy!