How to get a freebie by mail?

Did you know that there are thousands of companies out there offering free stuff and free samples to their clients?

That is why this site is created for this purpose. We search through the net and look for freebies everywhere.

You can call this site as a freebie search engine where we locate all the freebies and put together in different categories.

We do all the dirty works and search through the net for freebies. You come to this site and get it here.

Each freebie will be including a short description or sometimes a validation code or promotion code.

Please note that the freebies we are talking about here include digital products and real products.

Digital freebies are referring to free services such as free email service providers, free internets, free e-cards.

These types of freebies are abstract and you cannot hold them in hand but they are offered freely.


While Real Products refer to stuff such as free t-shirts, free posters, free stickers and more.

We are one of the largest databases of freebie offers in the USA. We have over 5000 real freebie offers listed on our website.

Our staff adds 9-10 new freebies, competitions seven days a week. 1000’s of Companies giveaway free samples of their products online as part of their advertising campaign.

It’s their way of attracting new customers to buy their products in the future.

What we do is list their freebies on our website, so all you need to do is fill in your details on their freebie order form.

We list BIG USA Brands like Colgate, Dove, Pampers, Head and Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Gillette and many more.

You will find 100s of freebies listed on our website.

We are not like other freebie sites, we only list real freebies, that are from well-known companies in the world Getting Started Guide

Step 1: Browse the Site. We have a broad selection of different kinds of freebies. Our freebies are organized by category for easy browsing. You can view our website, to find some interesting samples and stuff.

Step 2: Just choose the freebie you want and read details about it. Once you find a freebie you like, hit the button next to each sentence.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the company’s Web site. You need to fill the field with your information (the name, address, zip code, country). Delivery can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. Freebies usually take up to 28 days.


Important to act fast as soon as an offer is posted on Be patient! Sometimes a company can receive thousands of requests per week.

*As a side note, ordering freebies doesn’t guarantee that all the freebies will arrive. At least, not anytime soon.

We ordered 44 products, and after 9 weeks, only 24 had shown up.

So use delivery time, if it’s given at all, as a rough guideline.

Also please keep in mind that we don’t work for or with these companies.

Our team finds the free samples, freebies, competitions, and coupons.

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