Free Carolina HerreraBad Boy Eau de Parfum

A new free fragrance sample from Carolina Herrera is being promoted on social media! You can find these sponsored ads on Instagram, Facebook, both in your feed and stories. Unfortunately, there are no direct links, but our tips below can help you locate them!U.S. Only. Instruction :

  • Like Carolina Herrera on Facebook and like a few recent posts.
  • Follow Carolina Herrera on Instagram, then like some of their posts.
  • Visit the Carolina Herrera’s website
  • Search ‘Carolina Herrera Bad Boy’ on Facebook, Instagram & Google. Close everything out.

Now wait to see if sponsored post of the Free Carolina HerreraBad Boy Eau de Parfum shows up.

Free Carolina HerreraBad Boy Eau de Parfum 1

There will be a little box in the bottom. Click that and it will take you to the sample page.

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