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After sharing and @LUSH & DEW on Facebook, please contact them with your shipping info on Facebook. This is a monthly entry – one Facebook account can be entered once a month. The SeedPlanter Giveaway offers three kinds of seeds: mint, daisy and tomato. They will send out one of them at random. Follow the steps below and everyone will have a chance to get the seeds.

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In a world where consumerism often reigns supreme, two pioneering companies, LUSH and DEW, have embarked on an extraordinary journey to sow the seeds of change and cultivate a more sustainable future. Through their innovative initiative of Free Seeds, these ethical brands have united in a shared vision to empower individuals, communities, and the environment. By distributing free seeds of hope, they have revolutionized the way we perceive business and consumer responsibility, bridging the gap between profit-driven ventures and conscious capitalism.

LUSH, the renowned cosmetics and personal care brand, has long been recognized for its commitment to environmental and animal welfare causes. With a history rooted in eco-consciousness, LUSH has consistently raised the bar in ethical practices, challenging the beauty industry’s norms. Their fresh, handmade products have always eschewed harmful chemicals and animal testing, leading by example in the pursuit of a more compassionate approach to beauty. Embracing the idea that beauty should not come at the expense of the planet, LUSH has undertaken various sustainability initiatives, from reducing plastic packaging to supporting global environmental projects. Now, with the Free Seeds initiative, LUSH seeks to expand its impact beyond the realm of skincare and shower products, venturing into the fertile ground of agriculture and sustainable food systems.

DEW, on the other hand, is a visionary start-up that has disrupted the conventional gardening industry with its forward-thinking concepts. Founded by a group of passionate horticulturists and sustainability enthusiasts, DEW aims to redefine how people connect with nature and the food they consume. In a world threatened by the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystems, DEW believes that everyone can play a part in revitalizing the environment, starting with something as simple as planting a seed. With an array of organic seeds and expert advice at the heart of their operations, DEW has made gardening accessible and exciting for all, regardless of their level of expertise or available space. This resonates deeply with their core philosophy: to promote sustainable living practices while reconnecting urban dwellers with the natural world.

The collaboration between LUSH and DEW was a match made in eco-heaven. Sharing common values, the two companies envisioned a joint endeavor that could leverage their strengths and impact an even broader audience. Thus, the Free Seeds initiative was born. At the heart of this groundbreaking project is the belief that the simple act of planting a seed has the power to transform lives and the environment. As part of the initiative, LUSH’s customers receive packets of organic seeds as a complimentary gift with their purchases. Each seed packet represents the potential for growth, nurturing, and sustenance. The carefully curated selection of seeds includes not only flowering plants to beautify urban spaces but also an array of herbs and vegetables to inspire urban gardening and sustainable food production.

Beyond the physical seeds lies a metaphorical invitation for individuals to be catalysts for change. The Free Seeds initiative encourages everyone to take an active role in creating a greener world, no matter how big or small their contribution may be. As customers scatter the seeds into the soil, they sow hope and purpose, symbolizing the power of collective action. This shared endeavor fosters a sense of community, as people connect with one another through their gardening experiences and unite in their commitment to preserving the planet for future generations.

The impact of Free Seeds stretches far beyond urban balconies and community gardens. LUSH and DEW understand that their initiative’s true potential lies in education and awareness. Therefore, they have collaborated with local schools and environmental organizations to develop educational programs centered around gardening, sustainability, and ecological awareness. Through workshops, webinars, and hands-on activities, the Free Seeds initiative has become a powerful educational tool, inspiring young minds to embrace ecological responsibility and environmental stewardship. By instilling a love for gardening and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings, LUSH and DEW are cultivating a new generation of environmental champions.

In addition to empowering individuals and communities, the Free Seeds initiative also addresses broader environmental issues, such as climate change and food security. As urban gardening becomes more prevalent, it contributes to carbon sequestration, mitigating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, growing one’s food helps reduce reliance on intensive agricultural practices, conserving natural resources and promoting biodiversity. As awareness spreads and more people join the movement, the collective impact of these small acts ripples outward, fostering positive change in our world’s ecosystems.

The Free Seeds initiative from LUSH and DEW serves as an exemplar of the transformative power that businesses can wield in today’s world. By redefining success beyond monetary gain, these companies have embraced a philosophy of conscious capitalism, proving that businesses can thrive while contributing positively to society and the environment. Their collaboration demonstrates the limitless potential of collective action, proving that a synergy of like-minded individuals and organizations can nurture a more sustainable and compassionate world for all. As the seeds sprout, so too do the dreams of a brighter, greener future, planted and nurtured by the hands of those who dare to believe in the power of a single seed.


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