Free Hartz Dura Play (Bone Large)

NOTE: You must be a Hartz Insider to apply & you must have a public Instagram profile AND live in the Continental US (not including Alaska) to be considered. Are you a fan of Hartz? If so, this Free Hartz Dura Play (Bone Large) may be for you! Right now Hartz is looking for new brand ambassadors! If you’re chosen, you’ll get exclusive access, offers, and opportunities including:

  • FREE samples & products shipped directly to you for feedback and to share content online
  • Chances to act as a face of the brand to spread the word about Hartz on social media to family & friends
  • Provide crucial feedback and insight that helps shape the future of the Hartz Pets brand

Free Hartz Dura Play (Bone Large) 1

There will be a little box in the bottom. Click that and it will take you to the sample page.

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